Ubuntu is the Zulu word for the Pan-African concept of interdependence:
Because she is, I am…. Because I am, she is



SLFND invites you, as friends and supporters of our work in Sierra Leone who exemplify the qualities of genuine partnership that we hope to nurture in ourselves and SLFND, to bestow a name of your choice on Dovalema Early Childhood Co-op and—in naming it—to invest in the genuine partnership between you and SLFND. Your naming Dovalema, the hub of SLFND’s work, is an expression of ubuntu. It manifests our mutual responsibility to practice a different way of naming—a different way of being. A different way for the USA to be in relation with Africa. It represents investment in a different way of being in relation with people, the earth, and the future…of being in an ongoing relationship of life-giving reciprocity.

We invite you or a group of you to bestow a name on Dovalema Early Childhood Co-op that honors or memorializes one or more people, animals, plants, or places that have made you who you are. As one of SLFND’s genuine partners, you will receive a lapa bearing all the names bestowed on Dovalema. A lapa is the cloth we traditionally use for clothing, carrying children, sleeping, and decorating. Yours will be hand-made by artists in SLFND’s Textile Social Enterprise Co-op. You will also receive a limited-edition book containing the names, photographs, and descriptions of all the relationships being honored by all of SLFND’s genuine partners. SLFND will display one lapa and book at Dovalema to remind us daily of all those we are connected to.

Yes! I accept the invitation to engage in genuine partnership with SLFND!

  1. I would like to invest in a different way of being in relationship through a one-time, tax-deductible contribution of $1,500! (opens in a new tab)

  2. I would like to honor or memorialize the relationships that have made me who I am by bestowing a name on Dovalema Early Childhood Co-op! (opens in a new tab)

The names of every child, teacher, and staff member at Dovalema Early Childhood Co-op fill its space

Each Dovalema school-child proudly wears their own name