Advisory Council

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Carole Patrikakos

Ms. Patrikokos has sixteen years of experience in international education and programs serving scholars, families, and immigrants. Her duties as the Deputy Director of Books For Africa encompass fundraising, event management, and program development. She also works in the community as a Mother Daughter Health Coach, with a mission of helping woman and girls increase movement, nutrition, and simplicity in their lives. She speaks French and Wolof, and enjoys her two kids, hanging out at the YWCA, and eating her way around town.


Chernor Bah

A leading youth advocate for global education, a girl champion and former refugee from Sierra Leone, Chernor Bah is currently an Associate at the Population Council, leading a collaborative initiative to provide solutions to adolescent girls affected by the Ebola Outbreak. In 2012, he was appointed by the United Nations Secretary General to serve as the Youth Representative on the High Level Steering Committee for the Secretary General’s Global Education First Initiative. From 2012-2015, Bah also served as the Chair of the initiative’s Youth Advocacy Group- leading a dynamic group of young advocates for global education.

Allan Honrath

Mr. Honrath’s work in the computer industry, most recently for the last 3 years, involves desktop support to 180 people, while previously he worked as a systems administrator for DoD’s Office of Hearings and Appeals for 14 years. Prior to this work, he worked in a variety of human service positions. He is focusing his efforts with SLFND in securing additional computers and support for training to empower and broaden the horizons of the children and staff at the daycare SLFND has set up.


Ismael Bah

Acommunity member from Baama, Wandor Chiefdom in Kenema District, he is married with a strong family orientation. He presently resides in the Republic of Brooklyn, New York. As an advisory board member, Ismael brings considerable knowledge, and experience to early childhood education and development from an African understanding. He is a strong advocate for the environment and community sustainability.

Ronald Aminzade

Ronald Aminzade is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. He has published articles on the politics of economic development in Africa and a book about the citizenship and nationalism in East Africa. He has been working for decades to train African Ph.D. students and to improve educational opportunities for children in Africa. He is a current member of the board of directors of Project Zawadi and a former member of the board of Books for Africa.

Isata Bah

Born of Baam-Konta, in Kenema District. She lives in New York with her husband. A community member and advocate for children's development and community engagement. She is a pioneer for a bottom-up approach to community development. Her interest involves promoting community values, and peace building.