volunteer opportunities

SLFND utilizes an ecologically and culturally grounded design and development process derived from permaculture ethics, domains, and principles to mobilize villagers across Sierra Leone around regenerative ways of interacting with the earth and with each other. We have achieved nearly all we have so far through volunteered labor and expertise. We invite like-minded individuals and organizations to join us.

The expected time commitment is 2 hours per week

Please send an email to slfnd@slfnd.org with your interest area(s)

Grant research and development: This opportunity involves researching grants and following up with inquiries. As other villages invite us to work with them, we are actively seeking philosophically aligned funding to fulfill our purpose and realize our vision.


Speaking engagements: Because SLFND is building a movement more than an organization, connecting with schools, places of worship, community groups, and other organizations is pivotal. We welcome assistance building relationships and expanding this work.


Communications: As we gain more supporters in our work of building deep, earth democracy, it is important for us to communicate with our network around the world. Communications skills at multiple levels and in both social and traditional media are welcome.


Circle Trips: Circle Trip volunteers assist SLFND in hosting Circle Trip participants. This primarily consists of assistance en route to and in Sierra Leone. It involves ensuring that participants understand where they are going when, and that we are adequately prepared for any scenario.


Administrative support: SLFND requires support preparing paperwork and mailings, responding to inquiries, maintaining electronic and paper files, tracking and storing in-kind donations, and attending to administrative dimensions of communications and finances.


Events Coordination: Our hope is to host several small-scale and two large-scale fundraisers a year. You could be an important part of making them a success if you enjoy and are skilled at attending to logistical details and/ or if you have a creative streak.