SLFND accepts applications for unpaid internships locally and in Sierra Leone—whether in the village of Mondema or the nearest large town of Bo—on a rolling basis. (SLFND’s only paid staff permanently reside in Sierra Leone).

  • Those received by July 30 will be considered for the fall academic term.

  • Those received by October 30 will be considered for the winter/ spring academic term.

  • Those received by April 30 will be considered for the summer term.
    (traveling to Sierra Leone in late summer/ early fall is not advisable, as it is the rainy season

SLFND utilizes an ecologically and culturally grounded design and development process derived from permaculture ethics, domains, and principles to mobilize villagers across Sierra Leone around regenerative ways of interacting with the earth and with each other. We have achieved nearly all we have so far through volunteered labor and expertise. We invite like-minded students to join us.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Kim Kokett at with the subject line "Internship." To receive academic credit for an upcoming term, please send in your application by the above dates. If you have questions, please contact Kim Kokett at

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